Attention to Health

In a biodynamic approach, the practitioner’s orientation is to both the inherent health, manifesting as Stillness and primary respiration, and the forces of experience, the conditional or inertial forces present. His or her attention is with the organizing factors of both health and disease, not just the results and effects of their presence.

The body physiology, organized by biodynamic potency, is continually trying to contain and compensate for the presence of these conditional forces. It is only when the forces that generate the disturbances within the system are processed that there can be a return to normal function and motility.

My attention, as a physician using diagnostic touch, is on the potency within this client because I know that within the potency is power and many other attributes around which the disease state or the traumatic condition within the client is manifesting itself. I know that if a change takes place within this potency a whole new pattern will manifest itself, usually towards health for the client. (Becker, 1997)

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