Embryology has always been an essential aspect of biodynamics.

The formative organizing forces of the human system manifest at conception as a quantum field and transmute into the fluids of the embryo as an embodied ordering force that Sutherland called potency.

Students and practitioners of a biodynamic approach learn to:

  • perceive the expression of embryological forces within the human system.
  • orient to midline phenomena
  • work with a profound ordering force that rises through the embryological notochord

This Primal or Notochord Midline is present throughout life. It rises through the vertebral bodies and cranial base, orients cellular and tissue organization to the ordering field laid down at conception, and maintains orientation of all parts to the whole.

Embryologically derived forces also manifest within the body as:

  • forces within the fluids
  • tidal motions
  • qualities of permeation within cells and tissues
  • as vector-like forces within and around the body

These embodied forces manifest as a field of action sensed both within the fluids and around the body as a local field. It manifests as a tidal phenomenon within the body called the fluid tide.

One aspect of clinical work is to help re-establish the relationship of cells and tissues to this embodied ordering principle and to the embryological ordering imperative.