The Quantum and Primal Midlines

When the Long Tide first generates the ordering matrix at conception, it lays down a fulcrum, a center of organization that is later located in the third ventricle of the brain. This is called ajana chakra in yogic philosophy.

The Quantum Midline
From this center, a quantum midline, classically called sushumna, descends.

The Quantum Midline:

  • described by Mae Wan Ho in her work with quantum fields and the organization of microscopic life. (Ho 1998)
  • is perceived by practitioners as an ever-present shaft of light within clients
  • generates organizing centers, the classic elemental chakrasĀ  located in the cranium, throat, heart area, umbilical area, pelvis and perineum.

Within a craniosacral biodynamic context, the most important of these primary fulcrums are located within the third ventricle, the heart center and the umbilical center.

The Primal Midline
At about the fourth week of embryonic development, a second midline phenomena manifests as an uprising force within the embryonic disc.

The Primal Midline:

  • the primitive streak and notochord of the embryo form around it
  • the vertebral bodies and cranial base form around the notochord
  • can be sensed throughout life as an uprising force ascending from the coccyx, through the vertebral bodies and cranial base, to the ethmoid bone from where it seems to disappear in space like a fountain spray of life.
  • is maintained as the primary cellular and structural organizing axis of the human body throughout life
  • every cell is aligned to its function.

The primal midline constantly orients us to the precision of the creative process and ordering forces generated by the Breath of Life. This constant process of creation is one of the great gifts of life. For in that continual creation there is the continual potential for health, order, and change.

The Fluid Midline
A third orienting midline, called the fluid midline, also manifests during early embryological development as the nervous system takes shape.

The Fluid Midline:

  • is a midline of potency within the neural tube and central nervous system.
  • becomes the organizing midline of the fluid tide
  • can be sensed throughout life as a midline surge of potency within the cerebrospinal fluid core.

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