Supervision and Tutorials


Franklyn is available for individual and small group supervision.

  • Supervision offers practitioners an important holding space for reflection and support in private practice.
  • It is an essential aspect of clinical practice where the practitioner can reflect on the interpersonal and clinical dynamics of their session work.
  • Individual supervision with Franklyn can be undertaken either via Skype video conferencing or in person with Franklyn in Totnes, Devon, U.K., or at the Karuna Institute.
  • Group supervision with Franklyn is available for up to six practitioners held in person either in Totnes, or at the Karuna Institute.


Franklyn offers individual and small group tutorials of up to six participants.

  • Tutorials can orient to any aspect of clinical work from the basics of primary respiration and the nature of the inherent treatment plan and related perceptual and clinical processes, to topics oriented to the specific needs of the individual or small group: for instance: specifics of tissue dynamics, birth issues, particulars of cellular and tissue motility, dynamics of potency and the fluid tide, etc.
  • Tutorials¬† are held in Totnes, or at the Karuna Institute.