Long Tide Level of Emergence

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As the holistic shift deepens, the practitioner likewise deepens and widens his or her perceptual field. The client’s system may continue to settle through the holistic shift as Long Tide phenomena come to the forefront. Healing processes then emerge as a function of Long Tide interaction. While healing processes arising within mid-tide dynamics have a fluid-earthy quality to them, Long Tide processes manifest a more airy-fiery quality. The practitioner may sense the Long Tide, in its exhalation phase, moving from the horizon towards the midline of the client in a wind-like fashion. As this occurs, he or she may also sense what Sutherland called “ignition”, the spark of the Breath of Life igniting within the body’s fluids.

As Long Tide clarifies, the practitioner may also perceive spiral-like forces within the local field, radiance and a sense of being supported and suspended in the vastness of space. As long Tide manifests a healing intention, the practitioner may sense the Long Tide shifting through the client’s midline towards inertial fulcrums in an almost staccato-like fashion. The Long Tide is very powerful and this power may be directly perceived as the healing intention emerges from this level of action. Healing processes can occur very quickly and efficiently at this level of work. The main clinical intention manifests via orientation to, and resonance with, the forces at work. It is a humbling and beautiful clinical process to perceive.