The Holistic Shift

The first step in the unfolding of the inherent treatment plan is the settling of the conjoined practitioner-client relational field. Once the relational field settles, and a state of basic trust is present, the practitioner maintains his or her orientation to primary respiration and waits for the holistic shift to emerge.

The holistic shift:

  • heralds the true initiation of the inherent treatment plan
  • is a systemic process that manifests as a change in state within the person’s system within which the resources of primary respiration come to the forefront
  • naturally arises as a starting point in session work
  • described by Becker as a shift within the body from CRI levels of rhythm, historical patterning and seeming fragmentation to a sense of wholeness and fluidity
  • is more easily accessed within a safe relational field where practitioner interconnection and attunement is present

In the holistic shift, all three bodies – the physical body, the fluid body and the tidal body – enter equilibrium and are sensed to be a unified field. As this occurs, you may sense that the fluid and physical bodies are literally suspended within the tidal body of the Long Tide.

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