The Relational Field and Empathy

All healing work is essentially relational in nature. This is an expression of a deep truth: all of life is relational.

The relational field in Biodynamics is influenced by the psychoanalytical work of Donald Winnicott. His concept, holding environment describes how primary caregivers ideally offer an empathetic, attuned, resonant and appropriately responsive field for the little one.

This field must be held in a good enough way. Life is basically polarized; sometimes we get our needs met, sometimes not. It is the nature of the intention held in the field that is of paramount importance. The good enough holding field protects the little one (and our clients) from impingements, anything that takes him or her away from simply being.

Craniosacral biodynamics is an eminently relational form of work within which we hold the whole of a person in our perceptual field. This includes their mind-body processes, emotional states, early wounding and the potential for healing at the deepest levels of self and ego.

The biodynamic practitioner naturally generates such a holding field as she establishes a still, oriented and heart-centered receptive listening field. We call this kind of holding environment a relational field.

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