The Long Tide

In his work, Sutherland became more and more aware of a formative level of primary respiration. He perceived a stable tide-like phenomena within and around the human system. Over time, he realized that these tidal motions were direct expressions of the creative intention of the Breath of Life.

He called this level of primary respiration the Tide.

Becker called it the Long Tide to differentiate it from other tidal motions and this is the term that is commonly used in the field.

The Long Tide is:

  • the root of what Sutherland called primary respiration
  • a key perception in a biodynamic approach
  • a direct expression of the creative intention of the Breath of Life
  • the most formative expression of primary respiration

The Long Tide seems to arise from “nowhere”, manifests like a great wind arising within a vast field of action and radiates through everything.

Long Tide generates a local ordering fields that:

  • mediates embryonic development
  • ignites an ordering potency in the fluids of the body
  • maintains cohesiveness and balance throughout life.

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