A History of Craniosacral Biodynamics and the Karuna Institute

  • Work in the cranial field was originally developed by an Osteopath, William Garner Sutherland DO.
  • His early work oriented to a biomechanical approach with analysis, motion testing and application of various techniques, with terms like flexion-extension, external-internal rotation etc.
  • In the later part of his career, after a very powerful experience with a patient, where he believed he had a direct experience of the presence of the Breath of Life – a sacred and numinous presence –his orientation changed dramatically.
  • He urged practitioners to let the unerring potency (life force) do the work and to introduce no external force into the patient’s system.
  • Work changed from analysis, motion texting and application of techniques, to the primacy of presence and stillness, and an orientation to primary respiration and the Intelligence it manifests, both in maintaining equilibrium within the human system and in its role in initiating healing processes.
  • Franklyn Sills began teaching a biodynamic approach to craniosacral therapy in 1986, which has continued to grow and develop over many years.
  • Franklyn and his colleagues at the Karuna Institute have been instrumental in developing and spreading a biodynamic approach within the context of craniosacral therapy worldwide.
  • Franklyn is still active in the continuing development of cutting-edge approaches to perceptual, teaching and clinical practice. These are constantly being revised, updated and clarified by Franklyn and his colleagues within the teaching curriculum of the Institute.
  • Craniosacral Biodynamics is now taught by many teachers around the world and is a developing and growing field of complementary health practice.

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