Introduction to the Inherent Treatment Plan

One of the great strengths of craniosacral biodynamics is its orientation to health.

The underlying health of the human system is a principle that is with us from the moment of conception, is never lost and always at work.

The potential for healing, and the knowledge of what needs to occur, is already enfolded within the conditions and suffering present.

Becker called this territory the arising of the inherent treatment plan.

The inherent treatment plan orients us to the knowledge that the arising and sequencing of what has to happen within any given healing process:

  • is a function of primary respiration, not of practitioner analysis
  • will unfold in its own way.

The practitioner does not have to:

  • analyze or diagnose to learn what needs to happen
  • decide what to do, or how to intervene

The practitioner must develop:

  • an inner state of stillness
  • orientation and listening that opens a perceptual doorway to this intrinsic process.

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