The Human Ordering Matrix

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The Long Tide generates a local field of action called the ordering matrix or ordering field. When the local centrifugal and centripetal winds of the Long Tide enter dynamic equilibrium, a stable field is generated. This quantum-level matrix can be sensed as a subtle field within and around the human system. It manifests at conception and functions as a quantum-level primal template that orders embryological development and maintains the coherency of the body-mind system throughout life.

The organization of the quantum field is directly expressed as an organizing force within the fluids of the body via processes Sutherland called transmutation and ignition. He called this embodied ordering force potency, a dynamic biomagnetic ordering force that generates natural, inherent motions in the body called the fluid tide and tissue motility.

In classic yogic teaching this level of field-matrix organization is called the chakra system and its field pulsations. In this tradition, life force is called prana and is organized in very discrete ways. Like the Long Tide, prana is not just a local phenomenon but also one that emerges from a vast field of action.

In a similar way, the Chinese speak of organizing centers called Tan T’ien that are energetic fulcrums for different functions in the body-mind. They especially orient to the umbilical and abdominal centers, the heart center and the third ventricle as a seat of spirit. The Chinese call the potency within the fluids, jing (ching), or essence and the various manifestations and transformations of life force ji or chi.

I believe that all of these ways of describing reality, whether in terms of quantum fields, holographic principles, potency and the Breath of Life, the chakras and Tan Tian, prana and chi, all point to the same truth. The human system is organized within subtle quantum-level, bioelectric-biomagnetic fields that are expressions of a deeper Creative Intention at work.

When practitioners hold a relatively wide perceptual field and allow their minds to become still within this field of listening, these phenomena can actually become discernible. Awareness of this level of organization has very important clinical implications. Healing processes can be initiated from the depths of the creative principle, which underpins all of the biodynamic interchanges within the human system.