Transmutation, Ignition and Incarnation

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Sutherland described a process within which the forces of the ordering matrix become embodied as an organizing and enlivening principle. He called this process transmutation, a term that denotes a change in state. He perceived a change in the state of life force or potency as it manifested in the fluids of the human system. Randolph Stone DO calls these shifts step-downs. Transmutation occurs in order to convey the creative and ordering intentions of the Breath of Life to every cell and tissue. As in Bohm’s concept in new physics, each form of potency that steps-down is holographically enfolded in the other.

One of the important transmutations is from the field forces of the matrix to the fluids of the body. Think of the ordering matrix as a precise multi-dimensional form within which the human body is suspended and sustained. There is a transmutation of potency from this matrix via its midline, into the fluids of the body. Potency then manifests directly as an ordering and orienting principle in the body’s fluids. Sutherland described this occurring via what he called ignition. He stated that the Breath of Life manifests its creative intentions as a “spark” within the body’s fluids. (Sutherland, 1998) This spark moves through the quantum midline of the ordering matrix and generates a force or potency within the body’s fluids that maintains order and generates the inherent motions of the fluid tide and tissue motility. This embodied level of life force conveys the intentions of the Breath of Life, the Long Tide and ordering field it generates.

This concept of ignition begins at the earliest moments of life. At the time of conception, there is an ignition of potency within the fluids of the embryo. This conveys the intention to create a human form and to incarnate as a human being. Stone talks about the moment of conception as being an extremely fiery process in which the bioelectric field ignites as an organizing form within the single cell of the conceptus. This is the primal ignition that ignites the ordering field and concentrates life forces that allow incarnation into human form. The Long Tide is like a carrier wave that allows our innate being or spirit to ignite in human form. I discuss the nature of being, which I describe as a locus of presence and awareness in a chapter of my new book, Foundations in Craniosacral Biodynamics. The nature of innate being, or essential spirit, is the core of our life and the focus of the deepest therapeutic processes. Innate being is usually obscured to everyday awareness, but is always present as the hub of our existence.

The three primary ignition processes, which are Long Tide processes, are Conception Ignition (also known as Primal Ignition), Heart Ignition and Birth Ignition. Each process mediates aspects of our being-here. Conception ignition lays the ground for the incarnation of being where a quantum level ordering field is generated; Heart Ignition occurs when the primordial heart folds into the forming embryonic body and meets the midline, a body form is now present for being or spirit to fully incarnate into, thus Heart Ignition is about the embodiment of being; Birth Ignition occurs after birth when the umbilical cord stops pulsing and an ignition of potency or primary life force infuses the fluids of the new born allowing him or her to be a fully functioning separate physiological being, it is thus about the empowerment of being. All three ignition processes can be perceived and oriented to in clinical practice.