Embodiment and Embryology

Staff: Franklyn Sills, Founder and co-Director of the Karuna Institute, and Cherionna Menzam-Sills, senior biodynamic teacher.
Dates: Sunday 24 – Friday 29 April 2016
Cost: £675 (non-refundable deposit: £375)
(The balance of costs is payable one month prior to course commencement)

This post-graduate course explores early embryological development through prenatal experiential access modes, embryological imagery, Continuum Movement, embryonic Chi Kung forms, discoveries of the functions of potency (embodied life-force) and table work. We will investigate embryonical developmental movement, sense and support, primordial life forces and enquire into early developmental experience to facilitate orienting to the health at the core of our existence. Our exploration of embryology will emphasize the nature of the folding of the embryo into form, heart ignition (the ignition of embodiment) and the healing of our earliest unresolved wounding.

Dr. Frank Lake, one of the great pioneers of pre- and perinatal psychology believed that our major personality tendences are formed in the first trimester of inter-uterine life, and our earliest woundings occur in thsi period. Within the context of primary respiration and biodynamics, we wil hold each other in mindful heart-centered unconditional acceptance, with the intention of generating a relational holding field, allowing healing processes to deepen. In many ways our healing journey is about reclaiming the heart of goodness at the core of our human existence. This is our deepest intention in this seminar.

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